Trademark Registration in Singapore

Protect your brand in Singapore by registering your trademark. Our prices start from S$799 and the registration procedure takes about 8 months on average. The first step is to discover if your trademark is suitable for registration. Find out for free with Advomi.

What are the requirements for trademark registration in Singapore?

There are four very important criteria that your brand must meet in order to be registered as a trademark.

How do you know that your trademark is suitable for registration?

It is highly unlikely that your trademark is misleading or lacks distinctive character. However, descriptive trademarks are more common than you might imagine. Marks are most often refused registration during the IPOS examination phase for this specific reason. For someone inexperienced in the trademark registration procedure, determining whether a trademark is descriptive is hard.

In order to know whether your trademark is like an already existing trademark, you must conclude a trademark search (study).

Our panel of experts will check whether your trademark is suitable for registration for free. Find out if you can register your trademark. 

What is the trademark registration procedure in Singapore?

The trademark registration procedure in Singapore lasts 8 months on average and goes through 4 phases:
Filing a trademark application


Filing a trademark application
Examination of the Application by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore


Examination of the Application by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
Publication of the application for public scrutiny


Publication of the application for public scrutiny
Registration of the trademark


Registration of the trademark

How much does it cost to register your trademark in Singapore?

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore charges a state fee for a trademark application of S$240 per class of goods/services. Advomi’s fee is a flat S$799 regardless of the number of classes covered by your trademark.

So, what is a class?

Goods and services are ordered under a total of 45 classes (34 for goods and 11 for services) according to an international classification adopted by Singapore. For example, footwear and clothing are covered by class 25 while insurance services are included in class 36.

Point out specific goods and services

When you apply for a trademark, you must point out specific goods and services that will be produced or rendered under that trademark. The wider the variety of goods and services which you want to protect with your brand, the more classes should be included in your trademark registration application. It is crucial that you describe your goods and services appropriately in order to achieve the optimal level of protection at a reasonable price.


The way you describe the goods and services of your business must match the way common goods or services are described in the international classification. If you use terms that are not included in the IPOS, the state fee will be S$341.

Our panel of lawyers will properly classify the goods or services that you want to protect with your trademark.

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FAQ for Trademarks

Can I also apply for an international trademark?
Yes, you may. International trademarks are registered through the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). Filing a trademark application for the entire world is not an option, but you can choose a list of countries that are members of WIPO. Just ask Advomi about international registration and receive a free consultation.
Perhaps it is best to register both. However, if you can’t combine both and want to save some money on registration fees, you should consider registering the more important part of your brand.
A trademark in Singapore lasts for 10 years. After that, it can be renewed for an additional 10 years indefinitely. Trademark renewal is one of the most common trademark services in Singapore.
As an owner of the trademark you are entitled to enforcing rights. You or your company are the only ones who can use the trademark in Singapore for the goods and services protected by it. You can also license or even sale the trademark to third parties.
Registering a trademark is not a condition to using it. However, if you value your brand, you should protect it with a trademark. The protection provided by a registered trademark has a retroactive effect. The brand is considered protected from the moment you apply for registration and you can enforce your rights from this moment given that the trademark is indeed registered after that.
These symbols have no actual legal effect. ® usually indicates a registered trademark while ™ stands for a trademark that is not yet registered but is in use. It’s your choice whether to use these symbols or not.