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Child Custody Legal Services in Singapore

Navigating child custody disputes in Singapore is complex and emotionally taxing. Advomi connects you with lawyers experienced in child custody disputes, focused on achieving favorable outcomes and safeguarding the child’s well-being. These lawyers are adept at managing cross-jurisdictional custody issues, guiding clients through the complexities that arise from disputes spanning multiple legal systems.

Cross-Jurisdictional Expertise in Singapore

Advomi connects you with lawyers skilled in managing cross-jurisdictional custody disputes, providing insights into the various complexities that arise when such disputes span multiple jurisdictions and legal systems.

Joint or Sole Custody in Singapore

Our panel of lawyers is capable of advising clients on the legal positions of pursuing joint or sole custody, and the requirements that a pursuit of sole custody might entail. Assignment of custody often takes into account factors such as the determination of the primary caregiver of a child, each parent’s financial positions, as well as the present living arrangement of the child in question. Our panel of lawyers can advise clients, in detail, on how each of these factors apply to them, and therefore their legal position with regard to pursuing custody.

Variations in Singapore Custody Orders

Where you wish to apply for a variation for an existing child custody order, our panel of experts can effectively guide your through the process. Similarly, where you disagree with a variation of a child custody order requested by another party, our panel of experts can aid in the preparation of a defence against such a request.

Interim Custody Care and Control (ICCC) in Singapore

Furthermore, our panel of lawyers can assist in pursuing Interim Custody Care and Control (ICCC) orders, which involves a temporary order regarding the care of a child prior to the resolution of divorce proceedings.

In any variation of a child custody service you might seek, you can be assured that our panel of lawyers will have not only your legal interests, but the interests of the wellbeing of the child, prioritised in their advice.

Why choose Advomi for your Child Custody Legal Services in Singapore?

  • Experience the agility that boutique firms like ours bring to child custody cases in Singapore.
    More nimble than large-scale firms, allowing us to swiftly navigate the complexities of child custody laws.
  • A specialized focus on families and expatriate
    This enables us to offer highly relevant, actionable legal solutions that directly address the unique challenges of child custody disputes.
  • Transparent and Predictable Pricing
    Whenever possible, we offer fixed-fee arrangements for child custody cases, moving away from traditional hourly billing to better safeguard your interests.

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