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Legal Services for Raising Capital in Singapore

Let our panel of experienced lawyers guide you through the process of raising capital for your startup in Singapore.

We offer a broad range of services including negotiating good terms for your company and preparing all the necessary documents (term sheets, promissory notes, shareholder agreements and certificates, convertible notes, investment agreements, etc.).

We also offer services for investors, business angels and venture capital companies for all series of investments ranging from statutory compliance to commercial litigation in Singapore.

How can Advomi panel of lawyers help me with fundraising matters?

Our panel of lawyers can assist you with all rounds of funding for your company and with all investment instruments available in Singapore:

  • Seed investment
  • Angel investment
  • VC financing
  • Equity investments
  • IPO

Our panel of lawyers can assist you in your ICO/STO with services like token design and classification (security vs utility tokens), white papers and agreements.

If you are on the investor side, our panel of experts can assist you not only by providing the necessary documentation and ensuring statutory compliance but also by conducting a due diligence for your potential beneficiaries.

How do I find the right lawyer for my fundraising campaign?

Leave this to Advomi. Just send us an inquiry and our panel of lawyers will review it and match your company with an expert from our panel of vetted, top-rate lawyers. You will get an offer and a quote for the services you need or we will discuss your plans to better understand your needs. You are assured of full confidentiality for your venture in Singapore in accordance with the highest standards of legal services and the lawyer-client relationship.

FAQ for Capital Raising

Who can use our fundraising legal services?

Our services are designed to help entrepreneurs who have secured funding or are exploring their options for raising capital. We work predominantly with startups and SMEs in Singapore but also with entrepreneurs who plan to scale their business in the country. We also work with accelerators, VC, angels, and other investors.

Can I order a review of fundraising documents?

Yes. We understand that in most situations investors prefer to work with their own set of rules, procedures, and documents. Our panel of lawyers can examine all types of capital raising documents to determine if your rights are properly protected and to ensure compliance with statutory requirements.

Can I get a legal opinion on my fundraising options?

Of course. If have not yet secured funding for your business, it may be wise to get acquainted with the different legal options for investment in Singapore. Our panel of lawyers can help you better understand how various investment instruments work.

How can I ensure the protection of my intellectual property in the process of capital raising?

Your business trade secrets and intellectual property may be your most asset, especially if your company is a startup. If you haven’t yet secured any intellectual property protections it is wise to do so. Meanwhile you should always insist on signing NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) even when negotiating with investors.

Why Partner with Advomi for Raising Capital in Singapore?

  • Agility
    Experience Advomi’s boutique responsiveness as you navigate the complexities of raising capital in Singapore, ensuring swift and effective action for your startup’s financial endeavors.
  • Broad Industry Insight
    Our experience spans diverse sectors, giving us a holistic approach to fundraising.
  • Transparent Pricing
    Clear, upfront costs with no hidden surprises.

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