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Initial Exchange Offering law specialists in Singapore

Advomi’s extensive network of IEO law specialists provides professional legal advice and assistance for a successful IEO launch in Singapore and the region.

What is an Initial Exchange Offering?

An Initial Exchange Offering is a crypto Token Generating Event (TGE) on a regulated or licensed cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance Launchpad or Huobi Prime. The crypto exchange manages the launch of the IEO on its platform. This is different from an ICO which is launched on the Issuer’s platform.

How to launch an IEO?

To be listed on a regulated/licensed cryptocurrency exchange, an IEO Issuer must obtain a formal legal opinion from an accredited law firm on matters including:

  • Latest White Paper: A comprehensive overview of the Issuer’s intentions and technical aspects.
  • Official Marketing Materials: Information and assets related to promotion, are available on the Issuer’s official website.
  • Token Classification: Understanding the token’s nature—whether it’s a Utility, Digital Payment Token (DPT), Security Token, etc.
  • Security Status and Local Legislation: Clarification on whether the token is a security and the associated legal implications.
  • Token Sales Agreement: The official contract outlining terms of token sale.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): A compiled list addressing common queries and concerns.
  • Profit/Reward Distribution: Concerns and stipulations relating to the disbursement of profits or rewards within the Project.
  • Token Repurchase and Destruction: Guidelines and issues around token buy-back and annihilation.
  • Token-Based Voting Rights: Detailed aspects of how token ownership influences voting on project decisions, management, and potentially equity.
  • Token Utilisation Scenarios: Contexts and conditions under which the token will be used within the Project

How can Advomi help you?

Advomi’s extensive network of IEO law specialists provides professional legal advice and assistance on a successful IEO launch in Singapore and the region, including

  • Applicable Singapore company structure and incorporation
  • Professional nominee director services in Singapore
  • Corporate bank account opening assistance with Crypto friendly banks and FIs
  • Legal opinions on IEO and related matters
  • Specifically meeting the requirements of crypto exchanges for listing
  • IEO token terms and conditions
  • Token Generation Event (TGE) support
  • Legal and Regulatory structuring
  • Compliance and Best practices framework advisory and setup

Why choose Advomi for your Initial Exchange Offering in Singapore?

  • Agile Approach in a Fast-Paced Industry
    Opt for Advomi’s agility. Our boutique approach ensures swift, precise guidance.
  • Transparent, Predictable Pricing
    Choose Advomi for clear, fixed-fee structures, sidestepping traditional hourly rates to avoid unforeseen costs and prioritize your interests.
  • Specialised Expertise in Emerging Tech Fields
    Advomi leads in Singapore’s blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech sectors, blending traditional legal knowledge with digital asset expertise.

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