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Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers in Singapore

Our panel of M&A lawyers in Singapore is backed by extensive experience, having successfully completed projects ranging from local acquisitions to regional undertakings.

Notably, they have executed an acquisition for a Malaysian Unicorn start-up and an M&A venture in India for a UK public company. Our expertise includes joint venture acquisitions, business (asset) and share purchases, corporate reorganizations, and capital restructuring. Partner with Advomi for precise and comprehensive M&A solutions.

Our panel of Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers in Singapore covers a wide array of M&A transactions big and small. They include local and regional deals, the most lucrative joint venture acquisitions, business (asset) and share acquisitions, corporate reorganisations, amalgamations, private equity investments and capital restructuring.

What are the expertise of our panel of M&A lawyers in Singapore?

In Singapore, our panel of lawyers provides practical and results-focused advice on all M&A facets. They facilitate negotiations, conduct due diligence, draft term sheets, and craft definitive agreements like Share Sale and Subscription Agreements. Additionally, they assist with legal structuring, post-acquisition needs, and corporate secretarial filings.

Our panel of M&A lawyers handles the following:

  • Acquisitions and disposals of shares as well as assets
  • Competitive biddings and auction sales
  • Mergers, amalgamations, and schemes of arrangement
  • Strategic alliances & Joint ventures
  • Restructurings and reorganisations

Why Partner with Advomi's M&A Lawyers in Singapore?

  • Agile M&A Navigation
    Our nimble structure allows our panel of lawyers to swiftly navigate complexities.
  • Targeted M&A Expertise
    With specialized knowledge in sectors like technology and family offices, we deliver tailored M&A strategies that directly address your challenges.
  • Transparent Pricing in M&A
    Prioritizing clarity, we often adopt fixed-fee models, steering away from the unpredictability of hourly billing, and safeguarding your interests.

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