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Setting Up A Business In Singapore

Singapore, with its unparalleled ease of business setup, has consistently topped the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings.

Why Choose Singapore for Business?

Boasting a thriving start-up ecosystem, globalized economy, robust legal infrastructure, skilled workforce, and an enticing business-friendly environment complemented by some of the world’s lowest tax rates, it’s no wonder that Singapore is the destination of choice for many entrepreneurs, including expats. Our panel of lawyers at Advomi, with a deep understanding of the legal and taxation landscape for startups, makes the setup process seamless.

Choosing a Business Structure:

Selecting the right business structure is pivotal. Each structure has its distinct advantages:

  • Sole Proprietorship: Owned and run by an individual, company, or LLP. It’s the simplest form with no partners.
  • Partnership: Owned by at least 2 entities (individuals, companies, or LLPs). It caps at 20 partners.
  • Limited Partnership (LLP): Combines the operational flexibility of a partnership with the legal protection of a private limited company.
  • Company: A separate legal entity from its shareholders and directors. A private company is restricted to 50 members or fewer.

Your choice depends on your investment readiness, liability willingness, and ownership structure.

Drafting Commercial Contracts

Contracts, vital for clarity and dispute prevention, should ideally be written rather than verbal. They define legally enforceable rights and obligations between parties.

Our Expertise:

Our panel of lawyers guides you through the intricacies of choosing the most suitable business structure. Services include:

  • Registration guidance
  • Yearly statutory obligations
  • Tax consultation
  • Business lifecycle support, from inception to dissolution

Moreover, our panel of lawyers are proficient in drafting a vast array of commercial contracts tailored to your specific needs, be it shareholders’ agreements, employment contracts, or more.

Contracts reflect the transaction’s essence and the parties’ commercial goals. Trust Advomi to safeguard your interests.

Why Choose Advomi in Singapore?

  • Agile Setup
    Advomi’s boutique agility ensures a swift, precise business launch.
  • Expertise
    Leverage our blend of legal knowledge and industry insights for an edge in Singapore’s market.
  • Clear Pricing
    Budget with confidence, thanks to our transparent, fixed-fee approach.

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