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Divorce Proceedings in Singapore

Ou panel of experts is capable of representing clients in the large span of divorce proceedings.

Comprehensive Legal Support

Divorce proceedings can continue over several stages, beginning with the termination of the marriage itself, leading on to the division of matrimonial assets, and onto spousal or child maintenance. Advomi can allocate the legal team specialised to each stage for a smooth navigation of the process.

International Divorce Expertise

The complexity and strain of divorce proceedings can be further aggravated when a divorce takes place with parties across jurisdictions. Thankfully, our panel of lawyers is well-versed in handling international divorce matters.

Document Preparation and Filing

In a divorce proceeding, there are a number of court documents that are required to be filed. Commencing with a writ of divorce, a statement of claim and statement of particulars must be submitted to specify the salient facts. Further, a proposed parenting plan must be drawn up if the couple has children under the age of 21. A matrimonial property plan must be filed when there is a HDB property held by thew couple. our panel of lawyers can aid in the drafting and submission of these documents and more.

Mediation Services

Parties may attempt to pursue mediation at different points in a divorce proceeding, with the aim of reaching an agreement over some of the many subsidiary issues. Our panel of lawyers is experienced in mediation and may be engaged both to advise you on the methodology of mediation, as well as to aid in carrying out a mediation.

Why choose Advomi for your Divorce Proceedings in Singapore?

  • Agile Solutions
    Advomi facilitates quick and efficient connections with legal experts, ensuring smoother navigation through Singapore’s divorce proceedings.
  • Specialized Expertise on families and expatriates going through divorce in Singapore
    Our network at Advomi includes specialized expertise for families and expatriates undergoing divorce in Singapore, providing agile and highly relevant legal solutions.
  • Fixed-fee arrangements
    for divorce cases in Singapore.

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