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Online Trust & Safety

Navigating Online Safety Laws and Regulations in Asia

Global and Regional Legal Frameworks

Laws, regulations, and online safety codes have been passed around the world, including the Asian region, to combat scams and malicious cyber activities.

Responsibilities of Service Providers

In addition to blocking and removing egregious content, service providers and their associated companies and officers are often required to report potential crimes or civil wrongs and to aid law enforcement with their responses to online misconduct.

Legal Support for Online Businesses by Advomi

Compliance and Reporting Standards

Our panel of experienced technology lawyers can aid in ensuring that an online business adheres to reporting standards and is compliant with the rapidly evolving legal and regulatory requirements.

Handling Investigations and Disputes

Our panel of specialists can launch internal investigations to prevent or mitigate online harms or represent you to examine allegations from the authorities, regulatory bodies, or users where a complaints or appeals process has been convened or a civil dispute arises.


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