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Wills for Expats in Singapore

For expatriates in Singapore, ensuring that your legacy is secured according to your desires is of paramount importance. At Advomi, our panel of lawyers specializes in understanding the unique challenges and requirements of expats, crafting Wills that align with your wishes and the local legal framework.

Understanding Wills in Singapore for Expats

A Will details the distribution of your assets upon your demise. Governed by Singapore’s Wills Act 1838, it’s essential to ensure that your Will is both comprehensive and compliant.

Validity of a Will

To be legally recognized in Singapore, a Will must:

  • Be written.
  • Be made by someone over 21 years of age.
  • Be signed by the testator, witnessed by at least two non-beneficiary individuals.
  • Clearly identify beneficiaries, assets, and specific bequests.

Crafting Your Will

Incorporate the following in your Will:

  • Personal details and marital status.
  • List of beneficiaries and the specific assets they should inherit.
  • Appointed executors to administer your wishes.
  • Detailed assets, including those abroad. Liabilities and the method of clearance.
  • Clauses to revoke previous Wills, ensuring the latest Will stands valid.
  • Instructions for any residual assets.

Specialized Wills Services for Expats

At Advomi, our panel of lawyers understands the intricacies expats face when drafting a Will in a foreign land. Our panel of lawyers ensures your Will stands valid not just in Singapore but also holds weight concerning assets abroad. Trust us to prioritize your peace of mind and the future security of your loved ones.

Why trusting Advomi for your wills in Singapore?

  • Transparent Pricing
    Our panel of lawyers preferred for fixed-fee structures over unpredictable hourly billing guarantees that your best interests are always our priority.
  • Efficient Will Drafting
    Our panel of lawyers streamline the will drafting process, ensuring it’s straightforward and aligned with your specific wishes.
  • Tailored to Your Needs
    With insights into various sectors and backgrounds, our panel of lawyers ensure your will is tailored to your individual needs, safeguarding your interests and legacy.

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