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Blockchain Legal Services In Southeast Asia

Advomi is Trusted by Binance The World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange. We offer transparent pricing and flat-fee services only. The lawyer we connect you with will present a detailed proposal for the services they can perform on your behalf.

Token Issuance & Trading

Legal Assistance with all aspects of tokenomics. Our panel of experts can help you design your tokens or token platform and support your token operations with the relevant legal documents.

ICO / STO Legal Consultation

Our panel of lawyers will support you with the full compliance of your Initial Coin Offering by establishing the the regulatory requirements and providing the necessary measures and documents for the operation.

Legal Documentation for Digital Tokens

Our panel of lawyers can prepare commercial agreements, prospectuses and white papers in full compliance with the legislation of the country you wish to establish your operations in.

Licensing your Company

If you want to develop a company focused on issuing a trading utility, security or protocol tokens, our panel of lawyers can help you obtain the necessary license for the respective activity.

KYC & AML Compliance

Statement on the “know your customer” and anti-money laundering compliance of your STO/ICO including a review of your KYC/AML procedures and handbooks.

Tax Advising

In-depth legal advice on the taxation aspects of ICO/STO in Singapore.

Corporate Structuring for ICO/STO

Our panel of lawyers will advise you on the best options to structure your entity in Singapore to launch an ICO/STO.

Why Choose Advomi for Your Blockchain Legal Needs?

  • Agile and Nimble
    In the fast-moving crypto world, we are agile and adept at adapting to change. Swift responses and flexible strategies are our forte.
  • Sector Expertise
    Our panel of experts provides industry-specific insights, giving you a competitive edge, from ICOs to NFTs.
  • Transparent Pricing
    With clear pricing, you will always know what you are paying for. No hidden fees, just quality service at predictable rates.

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