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Navigating MAS Licensing in Singapore

Securing a license from MAS is crucial for many financial businesses to operate in the city-state. At Advomi, we provide comprehensive legal guidance to simplify and streamline the MAS licensing process.

Why MAS Licensing Matters:

The MAS, as Singapore’s central bank and financial regulatory authority, ensures that businesses adhere to strict standards that promote financial stability, transparency, and integrity. Obtaining a license from MAS not only legitimises your business operations but also boosts credibility and trust among clients and partners in a highly competitive market.

Advomi’s Expertise in MAS Licensing:

  • Understanding Your Needs: We begin by understanding the nature of your financial service, and ascertaining which MAS license is the most appropriate for your operations.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Our panel of lawyers assists in preparing, reviewing, and submitting all necessary documents ensuring they are in line with MAS requirements.
  • Continuous Communication with MAS: With Advomi, you will have sustained interaction with MAS throughout the application process, ensuring all queries are addressed and additional information is provided as required
  • Risk Management: Advomi’s approach involves identifying potential challenges in your application and providing guidance to mitigate them, thus enhancing your prospects for successful license acquisition.
  • Staying Updated: Regulatory landscapes evolve. Our panel of lawyers ensures you are kept abreast of any changes in MAS licensing criteria and aids in adapting your business model accordingly.
  • Post-Licensing Support: With Advomi, legal support continues even after acquiring the license. Our panel of lawyers provides ongoing assistance to ensure your compliance with MAS’s continuously evolving regulatory standards.

Why Choose Advomi for MAS Licensing:

  • Proven Track Record
    Our panel of experienced lawyers has successfully guided numerous clients through the MAS licensing maze, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
  • Clear Pricing
    At Advomi, we offer transparent, fixed-fee arrangements to ensure no unexpected surprises.
  • Local Insights
    Our deep-rooted understanding of Singapore’s financial landscape, combined with global best practices, ensures a unique blend of localised and global expertise.

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