Patent Application in Singapore

Secure the intellectual property of your business by filing a patent application. Send us your inquiry and an experienced patent lawyer will give you a statement on the patentability of your invention or prototype and a quote on the cost to file a patent.

What are the requirements for patent registration?

For an invention (prototype) to be patentable in Singapore, it must satisfy three key criteria simultaneously:

Simply said, the product or method that you want to protect with a patent must really be innovative. It shouldn’t be merely a modification of an existing invention and it should have some practical purpose.

It can be hard for a person inexperienced in intellectual property and IP law to determine if an invention is indeed patentable. This is better done by an experienced patent attorney/patent agent.

Ideas alone can’t be patented. You must first implement them in a prototype by designing a product. The creation of an actual product is not necessary, but you must be able to describe the practical implementation of the invention at a minimum.

What is the patent application procedure in Singapore?

If you want to file a patent in Singapore, prepare yourself for a long procedure. The estimated processing time is 2 to 4 years from the date the application is filed.

What is the cost to file a patent application in Singapore?

The total official fees for a patent application in Singapore start around S$2,100. Only part of this fee is paid upfront. Once your patent is granted, you will need to renew it on an annual basis and pay additional state fees.

Our patent attorneys will provide you with a full list of the costs related to filing a patent application and securing the patent.

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