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Our panel of lawyers has expertise with fintech and block-chain enterprises, e-payment system platforms, e-commerce transaction facilitators, and virtual currency exchanges for a full range of tech-law support.

Comprehensive Legal Guidance for Tech Start-ups

Our panel of lawyers can provide advice for structuring technology businesses, drafting the relevant legal documentation and aiding in gaining regulatory licenses and approvals. Further, they can draft required website terms and conditions (T&Cs), product & feature terms of service (ToS), as well as privacy, personal data and acceptable use policies and frameworks. Their advice has particular relevance in the tech start-up, and emerging markets & technologies space, where we have successfully advised and represented a large number of clients.

Our panel of lawyers can also advise clients regarding the regulatory landscape for fintech and blockchain enterprises. In particular, the Payment Services Act, the Securities and Futures Act, the Financial Services and Markets Act and the Financial Advisers Act in Singapore. They can aid clients in securing capital market services licenses, financial advisor’s licenses, or in pursuing a regulatory exemption from these and other licensing requirements. They can also assist with applying for Fin Tech agreements, such as the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens & Equity (SAFE).

Expert Legal Support for the Tech Industry

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Deep knowledge in fintech, blockchain, and tech start-ups ensures relevant and tailored legal guidance.

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In a dynamic industry where change is ever-present, nimble Agile Solutions ensures that startups stay one step ahead with our adaptive strategies.

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We believe in clear, straightforward pricing. Our fixed-fee arrangements, in contrast to traditional hourly billing, offer you predictability and transparency, aligning with your best interests.

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