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Crafting Comprehensive Legal Policies for Your Singapore Website or Mobile App

Ensure legal compliance and user trust with tailored Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies. Through Advomi, gain access to a panel of experts skilled in creating customized documents specifically designed for online platforms. We serve a wide range of businesses, including online shops, marketplaces, eCommerce sites, apps, and content/service providers.

Understanding Your Legal Documentation Needs

Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, User Agreement, End-User License Agreement (EULA) – these terms might seem confusing, but they all refer to the same crucial component: the rules under which users can access and use your website or app. Our panel of lawyers can also assist in crafting a robust Privacy Policy to safeguard user data and comply with Singaporean regulations.

Not sure which document you need?

Advomi understands the uniqueness of each website and app, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it offers individualized solutions tailored to meet specific needs.

What Should Your Terms & Conditions Include?

The Terms of Service (also referred to as Terms of Use or Terms & Conditions) define the relationship between you, the operator of the website or app, and its users. The specific content of your terms depends on the nature of your online platform: Content Providers:

  • Emphasize the protection of your intellectual property, acceptable use, and licensing of published materials.
  • Online Shops: Highlight compliance with Singaporean legislation criteria.
  • Payment Service Providers: Address the specific requirements of payment service providers you plan to use.
  • Privacy Policy: Ensure your website adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act with a comprehensive privacy policy.

Other common elements in terms of service may include data protection policies, disclaimers of liability, user access and fair use policies, termination clauses, governing laws, and jurisdiction details.

FAQ for Terms & Conditions

Does my website need to have Terms & Conditions?

While Terms of Service (Terms & Conditions, Terms of Use, etc.) are not specifically required by law they do contain information that must be published on your website – privacy protection, consumer protection, owner identification, etc. It is best to combine this content in a single legally binding document together with other clauses that protect your rights.

Are my Terms & Conditions enforceable?

The Terms of Service/Terms & Conditions are essentially a contract between you and the users of your website. As such, they are enforceable by Singapore law. However, in order to enforce your terms, the users must accept them. This usually happens with a click on a checkbox or a similar action.

What does a Privacy Policy include?

Your business privacy policy should include certain information prescribed in the Personal Data Protection Act and the European GDPR. You must inform the users of your website about the data you collect and the ways for consumers to exercise their rights regarding the private data.

Do I have to identify myself as a website owner/operator?

Your Terms & Conditions should include details of the website owner. You also must identify as a company if you are selling goods or services through your website.

Can I amend the Terms of Service of my website?

You are the owner of the website and can change the conditions under which users can use it at any time. However, you must notify your users of the change and provide them with an option to accept the changes.

Can I order terms for an online marketplace?

Online marketplaces for various services are an exciting and quickly developing niche. Our panel of legal experts can prepare terms and conditions for you to  manage the relationships between buyers and sellers and between you and your users. Marketplace documentation is somewhat common since most marketplaces tend to have similar terms and conditions, but certain industries have their own specifics which must also be considered when designing the legal framework of your marketplace.

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