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Marital Agreements in Singapore

Our panel of lawyers is available for the drafting of various marital agreements. Many clients may be concerned with the status of their assets given how divorce proceedings may develop. Our panel of lawyers can provide expert advice, as well as drafting services, to give parties some clarity and peace of mind. Should disputes arise, we also offer dispute resolution services.

Types of Marital Agreements and negotiation

Marital agreements can take a number of formats, such as pre-nuptial, post-nuptial, or separation deeds. The negotiation of such agreements can often be complex, but our panel of lawyers is capable of assisting with this process.

Family Wealth Management

The use of family trusts and other devices to manage family wealth can become complicated when family members no longer align. Our panel of lawyers can assist in disputes or in the drafting of agreements to prevent future uncertainty and disputes.

International Scope

Advomi offers access to a panel of lawyers skilled in handling marital agreements over multiple jurisdictions.Their proficiency in various international legal systems and strong connections with foreign firms enhance their capability in managing cross-jurisdictional disputes.

Business and Marital Agreements

Spouses may inherit or start a family business following their marriage. Our panel of lawyers can aid in the drafting of marital agreements regarding such a business, providing clarity on its operation should spouses become estranged, and safeguarding assets for future generations.

Why choose Advomi for your Marital Agreements in Singapore?

  • Experience the agility of boutique firms
    Our panel of lawyers operates within more agile structures compared to large boutique firms, enabling quicker solutions.
  • Specialized focus on families and expatriates
    crafting marital agreements in Singapore, offering highly relevant legal solutions.
  • Transparent Pricing In line with our agile approach, we offer fixed-fee arrangements for marital agreements in Singapore, moving away from traditional hourly billing for your benefit.

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