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Welcome to Advomi, your one-stop legal partner in Singapore. Our platform offers boutique firm services specialising in catering to the unique needs of expatriates, ensuring seamless navigation through Singapore’s legal landscape.

Business Setup in Singapore

With Singapore’s business-friendly ethos, Advomi steps in as your agile partner. We bring sector acumen and transparent pricing, ensuring expats experience a seamless business setup.

Employment Law for Expats

Employment law is multifaceted, especially for expatriates. Advomi’s agile approach, combined with sector acumen and transparent pricing, ensures you navigate these waters with confidence and clarity.


Trusts, while intricate, are simplified with Advomi. Our blend of personal attention, sector expertise, and transparent pricing ensures that your asset management needs are met with agility and precision.

Wills for Expats

Crafting a will in a foreign land requires precision. We prioritize transparent pricing and flexibility, ensuring your will captures your intent while being compliant.

Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs)

Setting up an NPO demands a blend of passion and precision. Advomi offers agility, transparent pricing, and deep sector knowledge, ensuring your NPO journey in Singapore is smooth and compliant.

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Swift Access to Legal Expertise

Advomi swiftly connects you with the right legal professionals for business setup and other legal matters, ensuring a smooth experience in Singapore’s dynamic environment.

Agile Solutions

Advomi ensures fast and effective matching with legal experts, streamlining your journey through Singapore's legal landscape.

Predictable Pricing

Quality legal services that respect your budget, showcasing our commitment to affordability without compromise.

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