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Navigating the legal intricacies of document verification in Singapore demands more than just knowledge; it requires precision, integrity, and a deep understanding of local nuances. At Advomi, we bring these attributes to the forefront. Our panel of lawyers of dedicated professionals, backed by a proven track record, ensures that every affidavit or statutory declaration is handled with the utmost care and authenticity.

Commissioner for Oaths Services

In Singapore, a Commissioner for Oaths plays a vital role in legal proceedings and document verification. Appointed by the Board of Commissioner for Oaths and Notaries Public, their primary duties involve administering oaths and affirmations for affidavits or statutory declarations intended for use within the country.

Services and Fees

The Singapore Academy of Law’s Senate sets the standard fees for services offered by a Commissioner for Oaths. Here’s a breakdown:

Document Type Commissioning Fee Additional Fee
Affidavit S$25.00 S$5.00 per exhibit (if applicable)
Statutory Declaration S$25.00 S$5.00 per exhibit (if applicable)
Note: While the above rates are fixed, a Commissioner for Oaths might charge reasonable extra fees to cover transportation or if they’re asked to interpret the commissioned document.

Why Choose Advomi as Your Commissioner for Oaths in Singapore?

Whether you are finalizing a legal document or need an affirmation for an affidavit, it’s essential to have a trusted and qualified professional by your side. A Commissioner for Oaths in Singapore ensures that your documents adhere to the country’s stringent legal standards, ensuring peace of mind in legal proceedings.

Precision in Document Verification

Rely on Advomi for expert verification of affidavits and statutory declarations, where precision and integrity are paramount.

Qualified Commissioners

Our appointed Commissioners ensure your documents comply with Singapore’s legal standards, offering peace of mind in legal processes.

Clear Pricing Structure

With standardized, transparent fees, you can trust in fair and predictable costs for all our services.

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