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What does “agility inherent to boutique firms” mean?

The term “agility inherent to boutique firms” refers to the flexibility and quick responsiveness that smaller, specialized law firms can offer. Unlike larger firms, boutique firms like those partnered with Advomi can swiftly adapt to client needs and navigate complex legal issues more efficiently.


What industry-specific expertise does Advomi offer?

Advomi’s panel of lawyers specialises in various industries, including but not limited to:

  • Blockchain, Crypto & Fintech: Legal insights tailored for the rapidly evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.
  • Technology: Compliance and protection strategies for tech companies.
  • Corporate and Commercial Law: Expertise in contracts, mergers, and other commercial legal matters.
  • Expatriates Legal Matters: Customized legal services for expatriates in Singapore, covering employment contracts to immigration.
  • Family Law: Comprehensive support for family-related legal issues, such as child custody and divorce.
  • Employment Law: Legal guidance for both employers and employees to navigate labor laws.
  • Family Office: Legal services exclusively tailored for family offices.
  • ESG & Sustainability Compliance: Advice for sustainability and long-term growth in Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations.