Trust & Payment Protection

Learn what makes Advomi a reliable partner for all your legal needs.

Payment protection policy

When you pay for a service at Advomi, your funds are held securely in an escrow account until the service you ordered has been delivered. Even after you confirm delivery of the service, your money stays in escrow for an additional 14 days. This additional holding period provides time for resolution of any potential disputes or the discovery of misconduct in the service.

Money-back guarantee

If your lawyer fails to deliver, you get your money back. This is the essence of our money-back guarantee that covers every client and every transaction.

If you are not satisfied with a service, address the issue with your account manager and request a refund. The account manager will review your request and if it is reasonable you get your money back immediately.

Keep payments on Advomi

For your protection, don’t make payments to lawyers outside the Advomi platform. Circumventing the Advomi platform to make a payment forfeits the benefits of our Payment Protection policy and our 360° support. Furthermore, if there is no transaction on Advomi we can’t assist you in the case of a dispute and enforce our Terms of Service in your favor.

Working with only vetted lawyers

At Advomi, every lawyer and firm is carefully vetted before they can join the platform. Our thorough and highly selective vetting process scrutinizes the background and performance of every legal provider on Advomi. If they can’t pass – they don’t get listed.

Dispute resolution

From time to time, the vision that а client and their lawyer hold for the results of a particular service can differ. At Advomi we work to avoid mismatches in expectations and misunderstandings by facilitating communication between the parties. In the rare instances where disputes arise, we provide options for resolution, such as changing the service price or an extension of the delivery time.

If the dispute resolution process fails, you can always address the issue with your account manager. They will review the case and the actions performed by each party in order to make an impartial assessment and resolve the dispute.

Data protection

We value and respect your privacy. We take privacy issues very seriously and are in full compliance with both the PDPA and the GDPR. You can be assured that your data is secure with us and you retain full control. Check out our Privacy Policy for further details.

Support & Assistance

Our team is always here to help you. If you have any questions regarding the use of Advomi, need assistance with purchasing a legal service, or just want to give us your feedback we are delighted to hear from you.

Have questions? Please visit Help & Support to learn more.