I am a managing partner at Silvester Legal LLC. The law office specializes in family law matters in Singapore. We handle premarital contracts and issues, custody and child support and especially divorces.

What to expect from the service?

I will assist you with the uncontested divorce procedure in Singapore guaranteeing an excellent service and best possible outcome based on years of experience in divorce settlements and trials.

I will help you reach a reasonable divorce settlement with your spouse on the following matters:

  • Reason for the divorce;
  • Division of assets;
  • Child custody and maintenance;
  • Wide maintenance

Necessary documents for the divorce

The documents which are necessary for the divorce procedure and which will be prepared with care by my law firm are:

  • Proposed parenting plan (if applicable);
  • Proposed matrimonial plan (if applicable);
  • Writ of divorce;
  • Statement of claim;
  • Statement of particulars;
  • Affidavit of evidence in chief;
  • Consent order

I will also file the divorce papers in the Family Justice Court and guide and represent you during the whole court procedure.

You should have an interim judgement in 1 month and a final judgement for the divorce in 3 months of filing the documents.

How to order?

Please contact me and I will provide you with a custom offer for your case.

Please note that the delivery time of my service is 7 days which is the time necessary to draft and file the divorce papers at the Family Court.


The most simple divorce procedure doesn’t include distribution of assets between the spouses and child custody and maintenance matters. If division and distribution of matrimonial assets must also be done with the divorce I can assist with including it in the settlement. Same applies to custody and maintenance issues.