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How Advomi works?

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Two Ways to Find Professional Legal Services

Whether you need a legal document review or a quick consultation with a lawyer, you are at the right place. Find the perfect legal service for your business or personal matters.

Browse listed legal services

With more than 100 listed legal services, you can compare prices, portfolios, delivery time, and client recommendations in order to find a lawyer that best suits your needs. Have a specific question? Simply send the lawyer an enquiry.

Instead of posting a request you can browse services offered by Advomi lawyers on the Advomi platform. You can purchase a service directly or you can request a custom offer from the lawyer who is offering the service.

Purchasing a service means entering into a contractual relationship with the lawyer. A service is considered purchased when you pay for it through the Advomi platform. Upon purchasing the service a notification and email will be sent to the lawyer who will contact you shortly.

Post your request

Don’t want to search? Just submit your inquiry or request and lawyers will send you proposals. Be as detailed as possible so the lawyer can give you an accurate price and provide you with the quality service that you are expecting. You can also contact lawyers directly for a custom offer.

If you want to receive offers for legal services from multiple lawyers you can post a request on the Advomi platform. You request will be visible to all lawyers part of the Advomi network.

When posting a request you can also include your budget and a deadline for the delivery of the service. However, if you are not sure about these details, you can skip them and let lawyers determine price and time schedule for their services.

You will receive custom offers from lawyers. You can negotiate and communicate with each lawyer via private messages.

You don’t have to accept any of the offers presented to you. You can also cancel the request anytime you want.

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Use Advomi to list the services which you want to offer to clients on the platform. Be as specific as possible so that clients get to know exactly what they are getting for the price tht you are asking.

Send offers to client’s requests

Reply to client enquiries and requests for custom offers within a reasonable time. Good communication is a prerequisite for a successful cooperation.

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