Fund Management

Legal advisory services for a variety of investment strategies

Our lawyers at Advomi provide legal advisory services to fund managers and investors on both open-end funds and closed-end funds on a variety of asset classes and investment strategies including the hedge funds, private equity funds and venture capital funds. Fund management or asset management may be described as a system that helps maintain the value of an entity or can be described as overseeing and handling of a financial institution’s cash flow. The aim of fund management is to make as much profit as possible while keeping costs low.

“Fund management” is also used to describe people and institutions that manage investments on behalf of investors. Similar to the role of a Permissible Fund Manager for a VCC, the role of a fund manager in most investment strategies is crucial as they are expected to pay close attention to cost and assess risks to capitalise on cash flow opportunities and ensure that there is proper liquidity of funds for financial institutions to offer credit to customers.

There are various types of fund management and accordingly different types of fund managers such as business fund managers, corporate fund managers or personal fund managers who handle investment accounts for individual investors.

At Advomi, our lawyers can advise you on a broad range of fund management activities, including M&A, private equity investments, formation of open-end and closed-end funds, licensing and registration of fund management companies, negotiating and drafting acquisition agreements and financing documents.

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