Data protection compliance for Singapore businesses

Get your company compliant with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with legal services through Advomi. Our lawyers will analyze your business practices regarding the data processing of data subjects and provide guidelines and measures for statutory compliance with relevant legislation.

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What are the most essential data privacy protection rules?

At Advomi, we have designed four action steps which when executed guarantee compliance with the PDPA and the European GDPR for most businesses in Singapore. They are:

These steps cover the most fundamental aspects of data protection laws. It is important to know whether your business practices comply with data protection laws. Our privacy lawyers will identify potential weaknesses in your business and will propose measures to correct them.

Is applying data protection regulations to your company hard?

The Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation may be hard to understand but they are not hard to implement. We know because we have already assisted hundreds of businesses with compliance with privacy rules, and we are confident we can help your business can handle this properly.

The main purpose of data protection regulations is to enhance the safety of personal data. However, these legal acts are also designed so that companies can easily implement them in their activities. We believe that a business doesn’t need complex and costly consultancy services and an enormous number of documents with incomprehensible texts just to comply with the law.

Our experience shows that all a business needs to comply with the regulations is:

To truly understand the data privacy regulation

Simple guidance in applying the rules of the regulation

Template documents to use or build upon for its activities

This is where Advomi assists you. Our expert lawyers will explain the essence of the relevant privacy laws and guide you in their application to your own business. You will also receive the necessary documents in full compliance with statutory requirements – privacy policy, consent declaration, internal rules, etc.

FAQ for Data Protection Compliance

The sanctions provided for in the PDPA and the GDPR are extremely severe, reaching up to 4% of the annual commercial turnover of the company or € 20 million. Fines have already been imposed on some of the most prominent companies in the data processing industries.

Another negative consequence for your company may be the damaged reputation of your business due to the unlawful processing of personal data. News about privacy infringements tend to spread quickly because the regulations are still a hot topic for discussion and consumers are paying much more attention to how their personal information is processed.

The General Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Protection Act have many essential elements in common but are quite different in some respects. In general, the GDPR can be considered stricter than the PDPA.

It is crucial to understand that strictly applying the rules of the PDPA helps but doesn’t make your business compliant with the GDPR.

Privacy protection is here to stay. The government and local businesses have started paying more attention to privacy issues and consumers as well are becoming more aware of their rights.

If any changes in local and international regulations are to occur soon they will likely enhance data protection and to more effectively scrutinize breaches.

It does and this is known as the extraterritorial effect of the regulation. If your company handles personal data of data subjects in the EU, it must comply with the GDPR.

If you comply with the Singapore PDPA it is also likely that you also comply with the GDPR since the two acts are quite similar. However, the GDPR can be considered slightly stricter so some additional measures should be provided in order to avoid breaches.

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