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Singapore is a regional and global hub for cutting-edge blockchain and cryptocurrency business activities. This is largely because its laws and regulations are kept abreast with the developments of the crypto industry, providing a conducive infrastructure for the industry to flourish. The regulatory environment is favourable for token issuers and blockchain platforms to operate in, and also provides sufficient protection for investors and token purchasers.

Nonetheless, sound and timely legal advice is required to navigate Singapore’s regulatory landscape. Before setting up a crypto business in Singapore, it would be prudent to obtain a Legal Opinion under Singapore law on the nature and characteristics of your token or crypto related activities. This would provide you with a clear understanding of your legal position in Singapore, ensure that you comply with your legal obligations, enable you to engage with third parties such as crypto exchanges, and allow you to plan ahead commercially.

Our Crypto Law Firm

KGP Legal LLC has substantial experience and expertise advising and assisting token issuers, blockchain companies and token exchanges on their legal obligations under Singapore law, including the Securities and Futures Act 2001 (“SFA”) as well as the Payment Services Act 2019 (“PSA”). We are frequently instructed to render Legal Opinions that address critical issues such as whether a token constitutes a capital markets product under the SFA and whether certain token-related activities constitute a payment service under the PSA. Our Legal Opinions identify the relevant features and characteristics of the token, platform and services, provide legal analyses on the application of the relevant laws to the token, platform, and services, and provide guidance on the applicable customer due diligence requirements.

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The fees for our Legal Opinions are fixed, and we have an efficient turnaround time. Our experienced lawyers are available to discuss your specific concerns and priorities, and to provide robust and bespoke legal solutions.

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