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Executive Assistant

Do you know Donna from Suits? We need someone like her.

Apply Now

If you have seen Suits, then you know Donna Paulsen, then you know what kind of an exec assistant we are looking for. Skip the reading and apply now!

We need an assistant who can help our CEO and the rest of the execs with our business and personal life. That means that you will do:

  • research
  • scheduling and coordination
  • writing, editing, proofreading
  • phone calls
  • dealing with partners, administration and government

Basically, you will be that magical team member, who helps us with everything that is not directly involved with building great products and scaling a company.

We would love to compensate you with what you think is right. We value results, not how many hours you stay at the office. At Advomi you may have the flexibility you need to get things done. We are on a mission to make legal simple and affordable for everyone on the planet. Join us!

How to apply for “Customer Support”

Shoot us an email at hi @ and tell us about what you have done so far, tell us about your previous projects and work, tell us why you want to join Advomi. Please attach your resume and any other files that will help us to get to know you and your work better.