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Our founding

Advomi was founded in 2013 by Stanimir Nenov and Mariela Mitseva under the name Lexpert. It arose from a non-profit organization Stan founded two years earlier to make legal information more accessible and understandable. The web app started as a blog in 2012 where a community of paralegals explained the law in plain, human, language. The idea was to make it easy for people to easily understand their legal rights and responsibilities.

The launch

But people needed actual solutions, not just information. The way lawyers and law firms operated to serve their clients was outdated, inefficient, expensive, messy and unorganized. Stan was a law student, with a math background and a great love for technology. Mariela had a business background. Together they decided to harness the power of technology to fill a common legal need – the need for a legal document. They created software that could prepare legal documents. The application mimics a conversation with a lawyer: the client answers questions via an interface and when finished, an algorithm creates the ready to sign document.

Early growth

We started with 20 documents and a website that took off. People loved the product and kept using it. Satisfied users talked about it and we grew like crazy through word of mouth. We created more legal documents and improved the software and algorithms to be used by clients and by lawyers for various legal needs. We created solutions for company incorporations, data privacy, trademarks, patents, running and protecting a business.

A year in San Francisco

In 2015 Stan and Mariela spent the year working in San Francisco while the rest of the team worked in Europe. It was a difficult year, but it ended with great success. The remote setup of the team forced us to become ever more organized and efficient. We learned from Silicon Valley’s finest minds and put their that knowledge and experience into growing Advomi.


We broke even in only the sixth month of business and have been profitable ever since then. Our growth has been slow and organic without outside investments from VCs or angels. Our goal is to serve customers the best way we can, to run the business responsibly by keeping costs low, and to respect and care for our team.

Series A and Growth

After applying what we learned in San Francisco, the business took off. We grew at a 150% rate YoY in terms of revenue, our customer base increased at a great pace, and we launched new solutions. We not only made a great impact in the legal tech space, but we influenced the whole startup ecosystem in Bulgaria. In 2017, even though we didn’t need the monetary capital, we made a deal with Hristo Hristov, mentor at Founder Institute, and Endeavour, because he was a great match for the company.

Market leader in Bulgaria

We continued our growth in Bulgaria and became market leaders in numerous areas. While we were pleased with our results in Bulgaria at the same time, we knew that we could help other ecosystems as well.

Turning over a new leaf in Singapore

In late 2018 we decided to become a global company and expand into Singapore. We conducted extensive research on the Southeast Asia region, visited Singapore, and fell in love with the country and the people. In early 2019 Stan, Mariela, and their baby girl arrived in Singapore to begin setting up our operations in the region.

To Infinity and Beyond!

We’ll continue to innovate in the legal space and make things much better for clients and lawyers.

Where does the name “Advomi” come from?

In Bulgaria, our brand is “Advokatami” ( It means “My Lawyer”. It is the singular go-to place for clients who need legal solutions. With the global expansion, we wanted to honor our brand origin. Advokatami became Advomi. “Advo” means advocacy in many languages and “mi” is pronounced as “me”. Thus, Advomi still keeps the original idea that Advomi is an “advocate for me”.

Stan Nennoff, Founder of Advomi

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