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We started in 2012. We launched a non-profit in Europe that leverages modern technology to make legal information more accessible. Thus, people could easily understand their legal rights and responsibilities.

Later, in 2014 we launched Advomi as innovative legal tech company that makes the legal world a better place. Five years later, Advomi Lawyers have served more than 10,000 clients and saved them thousands of dollars and hours of time.

And since early 2019 Advomi is available in Singapore as well. We are here, because we believe that we can be useful to you. Here is how:

Your payments for legal services are protected with Advomi. Via our free escrow system, your money is released to the lawyer only when you are satisfied with the service. If you are not satisfied – you get your money back! (No one in Singapore has that)

Only vetted great lawyers and firms are on Advomi. We have a complex vetting process that studies the background and performance of every legal provider on Advomi. If they don’t pass – they don’t get listed. (Unlike other marketplaces that would list anyone that pays them)

You have our 24/7 support. We don’t just connect you with a lawyer or forward your message to a law firm. We are always here to help.

Hope to be useful,

Stan Nennoff,
Founder & CEO

If you want to find out more about me or to connect, I’m on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.

P.s. Questions? Feedback? Just email me at stan @ I read and respond to every email.