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Delivered fast at predictable and affordable prices by technology empowered lawyers on the Advomi network.

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Top-notch legal professionals

Our 5-step vetting process makes sure we have only the best lawyers and firms we can find. Advomi Lawyers come from top law schools and have consulted top startups and companies. Now you have access to this legal talent.

Affordable & predictable prices

We have negotiated bulk discounts from our lawyers and law firms. We optimize their legal work with software => less time invested by the lawyer => better prices for you. We have fixed fee pricing on most of our services. No more surprising invoices.

Fantastic client experience

You have a dashboard with a clear view of your legal matters, tasks, bills, what’s next and what’s due. Advomi speeds up the way legal work is done for you as a client. It is transparent and easy to understand. Now you know what’s going on in legal.

When access to top legal professionals is crazy expensive and you still don’t know what’s going on with your legal work and what it will cost you.

You need a centralised hub with everything legal where you work with vetted lawyers, receive updates on what’s done and what’s next. You need a clear understanding about the costs, the time and outcomes of your legal matter. You need a one stop shop for all things legal.

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